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New brand and website

We are proud to introduce a new, more elegant, technical, and professional corporate identity.

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We unveil our new brand image, which aims to consolidate our activity and continue our growth.

Since our foundation in 1991, we have emerged as a leading company in the provision of cleaning and temporary protection services for large yachts. Our operations are primarily centered around the ports of Barcelona, Mallorca, Tarragona, Vilanova, and Valencia, with our Nautiel products distributed through partners in Spain, France, Portugal, Norway, and New Zealand.

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This brand update marks a significant and necessary milestone in the ongoing evolution of the company 33 years after its founding. The goal is to continue as a reference company in cleaning and protection specialised in the superyacht and megayacht sector.

The new brand reflects the status and high demands of this specialty in terms of hygiene and care of surfaces and materials and at the same time seeks to clearly convey our commitment to the environment and the customers.

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The updated logo preserves the dolphin, iconic symbol of the Nautiel brand since 1991, integrating it into an advancing wave that symbolises the strength, determination, and seriousness that define us.

Visually, the brand creates a minimalist universe that conveys professionalism and technical expertise, in line with modern brands specializing in B2B services, while maintaining an approachable image for the end customer as well.

At Nautiel, we continue to provide cleaning and protection services with the utmost quality to the entire nautical sector, now under a more elegant, technical, and professional image.

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