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Mats cleaning and maintenance

Mats are essential comfort elements for enjoying sailing and the sea at any time of the year. Discover how to maintain and keep them as new for next summer.

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Mats are essential comfort elements for enjoying sailing and the sea at any time of the year.

Most sailing or motor boats have these elements for sitting and sunbathing. Both in terms of practicality and comfort, as well as in terms of design and image, they are very important elements on board.

The diversity of materials for both exteriors and interiors means that they require different care depending on the case. Current technology and the importance of design result in a huge number of materials, colors and combinations.

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That said, all upholstery has some elements in common.

  • They are in a very harsh environment (humidity, heat, cold, solar radiation and saline environment.)
  • They have velcro, zippers and clips as closure and fastening systems.
  • They are filled with foam (of varying density or types)

There are numerous fabrics and with a large number of possibilities, they are usually resistant to all the external elements that we have exposed, but not immune.

Therefore they need regular care.

Vinyl mats

The vast majority of outdoor mats in the nautical industry are made of vinyl, a very resistant and flexible plastic material, filled with foam of greater or lesser density and even foams that do not absorb water. Even so, for a series of outdoor mattresses to be ready for the season, we must take care of them during all winter time:

  • Keep the zippers operational (without this it is impossible to open them to dry the foams)
  • Keep interior foams dry (whether absorbent or not)
  • Keep vinyl coverings clean inside and outside.
  • Avoid the formation of fungi (this is achieved by carrying out the previous operations)
  • Keep the exterior vinyl flexible (as it becomes hard and brittle over time)

These operations will prolong the life of your mats for a long time.

Mats maintenance

In the case of finding very dirty mattresses with or without the appearance of mold, our recommendation is to try to avoid making new ones due to the cost involved. Instead, professional companies can propose great treatment options with very good results.

The process is the following:\

  1. The mats are disassembled by separating the vinyl cover from the foam.\
  2. Both parts are washed professionally to eliminate mold and odors and gives the vinyl a fresh white.\
  3. They are dried under cover at a temperature to guarantee the absence of humidity inside the foams.\
  4. They are reassembled and instaled on board.

How to store mats ?

To store them, a dry place protected from dust is convenient; only in that case can they be kept wrapped in plastic.

In the case of leaving them on board (a very common practice) it is advisable to keep dehumidification inside the boat, or to turn on the air conditioning heating from time to time. Some boats have air conditioning with the dehumidification option, which is very useful for keeping the interiors comfortable and condensation-free.

Specialized companies will also be able to propose restoring cuts and tears to the vinyl, always keeping its image and its comfort of use in perfect condition.

Similar canvas or covered mattresses

For exterior upholstery whose cover is not vinyl, but canvas, Sunbrella type or similar, professional cleaning using an injection and extraction system and good drying are sufficient, when they are in good condition.

Upholstery cleaning yachting

If they are wet the same process will have to be used as in the case of vinyl mats to ensure best cleaning and disinfection.

How much can a professional mattress cleaning cost?

We do highly recommend cleaning instead of making new mats for the saving any boat owner will be granted. Indeed price should be from 1 to 10 between profesional cleaning and new confection. Anyway in some extreme situations you will have noother option than asking a upholstery company to make new mats for your boat.

Additional treatments

If you want to ensure best maintenance of your mats, both indoor and outdoor elements, can be treated with specific products to give them more resistance qualities, waterproofing, antibacterial protection, etc. These treatments when included in a cleaning job are not so expensive and may help maintain your mats on their best for a long time.


We all hear about regular accidents with boat fires. Asking for a fireproofing of your upholstery elements on board is a very good way to increase the security of your yacht.

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