Temporary protections

Exterior and interior protection during refit or maintenance operations onboard, with special attention to reutilization and recycling of materials.

During maintenance work, it is necessary to protect the surfaces from bumps or scratches that may come inadvertently from tools or due to any manipulation. At Nautiel we are specialists in protecting surfaces to avoid costly damage during repairs or maintenance and repair work.

We use a select range of tested and adapted materials to preserve surfaces during repair or conservation and maintenance work.

The delicate and exclusive interior areas need the most appropriate materials for their protection. Glass, decorative elements, lacquers, fine woods, marble, carpets, etc. We install them with efficiency and know-how.

In the same way, outdoor elements need the most appropriate materials for their protection since they are also exposed to the elements. Furniture, teak, glass, mattresses, metals, varnishes, etc. At Nautiel we install the most appropriate materials for each type of work.

A yacht exterior


Shrink wrapping

Shrink wrapping of any kind of boat for transportation or wintering.

Whether for transportation or downtime, protecting your boat from the elements is very important. At Nautiel we shrink wrap boats with a protection guarantee.

A yacht exterior


Protection products

Aside from our protection services, we can also provide you with the best products to protect your boat.

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