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Nautiel Service was founded in 1991 to provide nautical boats with the best care and maintenance possible, and thus guaranteeing a more comfortable experience onboard. Since day one, we have offered our clients the best quality, efficacy and flexibility at an optimal price to satisfy all their needs. Today, we’re present in Barcelona, Tarragona, Palma de Mallorca, Valencia and Cadiz, but we keep bringing our talent and professional expertise wherever our clients may need.

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The mega yacht industry

Since the arrival of the first super and mega yachts to the Barcelona harbour, we knew that we had to surpass the expectations of their very own crews. That’s why we focused our training on the tasks and operations that require a high specialization level and professionalization onboard.

From that moment until today the lengths of these boats have grown from 40m to more than 150m, and we have grown with them, currently performing this type of services in Barcelona, Palma and Valencia.

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Shipbrokers and small and medium-sized boats

We are Sea, we are Nautical. In the more than 30 years that we're offering our services to the nautical sector, we believe that we must not forget our beginnings: the care, cleaning and maintenance of 25 to 60 feet boats (from 7 to 18m), which were the seed of our current specialization. Nowadays we continue providing service to boat companies, brokers and private owners with the same enthusiasm as back then.

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