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The importance of protecting surfaces

The importance of protecting surfaces and work areas on a megayacht during maintenance work in the shipyard is essential.

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The importance of protecting surfaces and work areas on a megayacht during maintenance work in the shipyard is essential for several reasons.

Very exclusive surfaces to preserve

Mega yachts are high-value assets, and any damage to surfaces and work areas during maintenance can result in costly repairs. Proper protection helps keep your investment in optimal condition.

Safety, prevention of damage

The safety of the crew, as well as maintenance personnel, is paramount. Slippery surfaces and/or messy work areas can be the cause of serious accidents. Appropriate temporary guards minimize these risks by providing safe surfaces to work on. Furthermore, during maintenance or refit work, it often involves the installation of scaffolding, the transfer of material and traffic of people, the application of paints and coatings, etc., it is common to use tools, heavy equipment or chemicals. If the surfaces are not protected with suitable materials, eventual spills, knocks, damage from tools can cause very expensive damage, which will consequently delay the project completion deadlines, increasing the costs per stay in the dock and other derived effects.

Interior protections

Work efficiency

Neat and protected work areas allow specialists to perform their tasks more efficiently. This reduces vessel downtime and decreases costs associated with maintenance.

Work quality

Working in a clean and organized environment contributes to the quality of maintenance work. Professionals can focus on their tasks without worrying about damaging the boat, which means that the tasks to be carried out are carried out with agility and quality.

Exterior protections

Environmental Protection

Adequate protection of work areas with confined areas, temporary tents, or other appropriate protections helps keep areas clean for the duration of the project and ensures that waste generated does not contaminate the marine environment and complies with environmental regulations.

Respect for other people's property

Protecting surfaces and work areas is a sign of respect for the property of the boat. This is essential to maintain a good reputation of the shipyard or technical area, and therefore in the nautical industry.

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