Why Nautiel Products

Every project has a story. As a cleaning company specialized in boats, we wanted to work with products more in line with nautical materials. In 1995 the products were mainly American, in small formats, and some national brands, more for private use than professional use. There was also a tendency to use very aggressive industrial products that ended up deteriorating the surfaces.

We thought that we should create our own range, with the accumulated experience and sincere feedback from clients, skippers, nautical companies, shipyards, port sailors, and nautical stores to guarantee the expected results. A range that is not too extensive, with very functional and, if possible, multipurpose products to reduce waste and not complicate the lives of our customers with several products for the same task.

The current range of Nautiel products has evolved with the times, maintaining undisputed efficiency and with minimal environmental impact. They are trusted products, both for professionals and individuals, easy to use and that perfectly perform the function for which they have been created: taking care of boats, maintaining their value and image for longer.

Thank you for trusting Nautiel.

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We are eco friendly

Respect for the environment in which we work, the Sea, for Nautiel comes from afar. When the word sustainability was still barely used, it was already part of Nautiel's DNA.

Eco friendlyEco friendly

These are the ways in which we take care of our environment, look for this icons in our products to know their eco features:

Low level of foam so you can save water

No harsh chemisty so it caresa bout your skin and the materials

High efficiency, clean more using less product

Contains bio alcohol extracted from almonds and hazelnut shells

Selected natural bacteria strains


Usage tips

The Nautiel products range has been created to facilitate boat cleaning processes, offering optimal results in most situations.

Here we list a series of basic rules that will help get the most out of the products, without going into extensive considerations about chemistry and the behavior of the materials or their state of conservation.

In general we can list the following tips:

Read the label carefully before use if you are not familiar with the product.

Respect the dilutions indicated on the labels. More quantity does not equal more cleaning.

Never mix the products with each other. Each one is formulated for specific applications.

Do not apply the product directly on the surface to be cleaned under intense sun. Keep the area moist.

All products should be left on for a few minutes before rubbing or rinsing.

Heat accelerates the chemical action, action times and the size of the area to be cleaned should be reduced in summer.

Always rinse with plenty of water.

The utensil or accessory of use is very important. We can use the best product and obtain a terrible result due to using the wrong accessory or being used on an inappropriate surface.

Do not test if you do not know the reaction of the product on the surface to be cleaned, or always do it in an unconspicuous place.

Use the products with the recommended PPE.

Consult a Nautiel technician if in doubt.



If you need extensive details on any of our products, check our catalog and discover our complete product collection.

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